My coaching practice centers around vocal performance, songwriting, foundational musicianship skills.

BEGINNERS can expect to discover the joy of singing when brought forth from their core sound, vocal production through “energized breath,” and the fundamentals of interconnected musical relationships (theory).

INTERMEDIATE /PROFESSIONAL practitioners will reach new vocal goals through traditional vocal technique, while rediscovering/deepening connection with your fundamental intention as an artist, with an emphasis on the practice of bringing that intention forth in all aspects of your life.


For songwriters of all types! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer working with a new idiom or struggling with writer’s block, I can help you experience the satisfaction of bringing your new music into the world. You may have a treasure chest full of lyrics but are not sure how to set them to music, or you may just want to try a new collaboration to get the juices flowing again. We all know what to do when we’re inspired, but what tools are at your disposal when inspiration is just out of reach? What is the anatomy of a song? And how can knowing about it help you as an artist? These are just some of the questions I’ll help you grapple with as your older songs are refined and your new songs are born.



If you are a singer looking to update your songbook for pickup musicians, I offer affordable rates for transcriptions and transpositions. I use industry standard tools to create charts that are easy to read, and even easier to transpose for future use. (YES! I believe you should be singing in YOUR key!)

I also transcribe scores for instrumental works. You provide the original score and I’ll rework it for your instrument. Again, rates vary depending on the project.

Just what it sounds like. Contact me for rates.