I believe music to be a complex matrix of relationships, a perfect metaphor for life experience. Whether it’s relationships with others (mirrored the practice of ensemble performance), or the subtler, more nuanced relationship with our “selves,” music is a practice and a path that can reveal layer upon layer, uncovering a rich experience expressed through a universal language, and the human voice is the most ancient instrument used for this expression.

My coaching practice is centered around building bridges. I use traditional principals of healthy vocal production in an effort to maximize expressivity with a transparent, core sound. Together, we compliment this availability with principles of meditation practice and life path work, to build a strong, centered connection with your purpose in choosing the path of intoning that which lies beneath the surface, adding dimension to your performances and affording a truly satisfying experience for you as an interpreter of song.

Due to the integrative nature of my practice, sessions are anywhere from 75 minutes to two hours in duration. Please keep this in mind when considering beginning this work.


Because I believe anyone who wants access to the voice or some other expression of music as a path, I offer coachings on a sliding scale compensation model. Contact me about base rates and what we can do to accommodate your needs.